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Reflecting on an extraordinary event held this week in Paris, France, the „Global Horizons: Navigating the US Market for ETI Leaders“ seminar was a resounding success. Organized by Altix its esteemed partners  SelectUSA, US Embassy Paris, Club ETI Île-de-France, and French Foreign Trade Advisors, the event provided invaluable insights into the allure of the US market for French companies.

The seminar delved into the myriad opportunities available in the US market, emphasizing its status as the largest economy among OECD markets, its vast pool of skilled professionals, and its position as a global hub for innovation. Key findings highlighted the business-friendly environment, as well as the US’s leadership in green technology and healthcare, making it an enticing prospect for expansion-minded companies.

Held at the historic Hotel de Talleyrand, the venue itself added to the significance of the event, with discussions taking place in the very room where negotiations for the Marshall Plan once unfolded. The setting provided an inspiring backdrop for attendees to absorb the rich perspectives, strategic resources, and best practices shared throughout the event.

Central to the success of the seminar were the contributions of:

  • SelectUSA, a cornerstone in providing essential information and resources for French and foreign companies seeking expansion in the US market.
  • Altix Consulting, offering invaluable expertise on structuring successful approaches and executions for expansions into the US market.
  • Club ETI Île-de-France, whose business leaders shared their firsthand experiences and aspirations in expanding into the US market.

Special recognition is due to individuals who played pivotal roles in orchestrating this successful event:

  • Olivier Schiller, Claudine Leprince, and Charles ROBINET-DUFFO of Club ETI Île-de-France.
  • Claudine Leprince of CEEF.
  • Rafael Patiño and Philippe Guerrier of US Embassy Paris and SelectUSA.
  • Yannick Schilly, Jean-Michel Tasse, and Anne Cappel of Altix.

For those eager for further information or resources on navigating the US market, we encourage you to reach out to us. Let’s continue to collaborate and explore new horizons together.

The „Global Horizons“ event in Paris served as a testament to the power of partnership and knowledge exchange in fostering international business growth. As we move forward, let us harness the insights gained to propel our ventures to new heights on the global stage.