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If you represent a French company doing business in the US, or an American company doing business in France, you need to read this!

Anne Cappel – Les Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur de la France

On Tuesday, Altix Consulting hosted the V.I.E. Program roadshow in partnership with Business France, the European American Chamber of Commerce – Cincinnati, and Les Conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France.

Here is a quote from Philippe Garnier, CEO of Safran, who shared his first-hand experience with the program and summed it up better than we can:  
Every young professional we have recruited through this program has become an incredible asset to us. The fact that they took the risk to come to the US for several months tells you about their motivation and eagerness to excel in their career paths. More than 90% of these candidates end up with a full-time position at our headquarters in France. And best of all: When they embark on their careers at our French headquarters, they already understand how we work in the US, bridging that communication and collaboration perfectly. This program is a true win-win for everyone!”
Over 100,000 young professionals have participated in this program and more than 6,000 companies have benefitted from it. Candidates are from France or the European Union, between the ages of 18 and 26. The median age is 26 and 90% of these candidates hold a master’s degree in diverse professions including engineering, sales, IT, and account management.

To learn more about this program, please contact Melanie BOUDE of Business France.