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Horst Lang

Senior Advisor – Metrology and Production Quality Control

About Horst

Horst Lang is a seasoned quality management and metrology expert with over 40 years of extensive experience in various facets of the field. With a strong background in quality assurance, process optimization, and technical development, Horst has made significant contributions to operational metrology, including advanced technologies such as computer tomography and high-precision metrology.

Horst’s expertise spans across quality management, metrology, process optimization, and technical development. Over his illustrious career, he has played pivotal roles in operational metrology, employee development, training, and further education. He has been instrumental in introducing measuring equipment management and implementing various quality assurance and metrology standards in production environments.

Horst has also been deeply involved in the global development and expansion of factories, particularly in the realm of operational quality assurance and the strategic development of measuring rooms. His strategic insights and technological acumen have been crucial in shaping quality assurance and measurement technology at institutions such as the TU/IFT – Vienna, where he spearheaded the development and expansion of quality assurance and measurement technology initiatives.

In addition to his academic contributions, Horst has served as a lecturer, sharing his expertise in process optimization, acceptance of production systems, and statistical methodologies. He has actively supported and contributed to the development and patenting of production-integrated measurement technology, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and excellence in the field.


  • Quality Management
  • Technical Development
  • Operational Metrology
  • Process Optimization
  • Quality Assurance Standards
  • Global Factory Development
  • Employee Development and Training