Eugenio Venturato

Partner Strategy & Commercial Growth

About Eugenio

Eugenio is a senior consultant with 40 years of experience, developed covering roles in executive management, sales, and technical applications, both in Europe and in the US.

Eugenio’s expertise spans over the aspects of international business, company’s start-up, organization & structure, sales & business development, operations along with sourcing/logistics and supply-chain. Served several years in different positions for a leading Italian machine tool Company where he was exposed to different activities in the service, technical and sales areas requiring traveling throughout Europe, North America, and Japan.

Eugenio moved to the US in 1993 to assume the responsibility of restructuring the North America Subsidiary of the same Company and lead the organization to a successful recovery and steady growth. The last twelve years were dedicated to a start-up of an American entity, subsidiary of an Italian Group; it required developing the business and organization with capabilities in sales, design & development, and supply of hi-tech solutions and equipment dedicated to the production of consumer disposable goods. The business grew successfully expanding both, the portfolio of products and services provided along with healthy economics.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Eugenio likes problem solving and an “hands-on” approach; his international experience exposed him to a variety of business needs and challenges that have enriched his understanding of cultural aspects and increased the appreciation for the value coming from different perspective and approach.

Eugenio and his family have a passion for nature and enjoys hiking; likes to cook and loves to use it as an opportunity for convivial moments with family and friends. Eugenio attended the I.T.I.S. Alessandro Rossi in Vicenza, Italy and graduated in Radio-Electronics.


  • International Business
  • Start-up and Organization Development
  • Sales Growth & Expansion
  • Customer Service
  • Administration and Economics
  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate & Functional Strategy
  • Global Supply Chain Development
  • Operations, Sourcing & Logistics
  • High-Speed applications/processes
  • Hi-Tech Equipment & Machinery
  • Machine Controls & Technical Matters