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ALTIX Consulting Partner and Son Forge Unbreakable Bond in Epic Wilderness Journey

Imagine a 12-day wilderness adventure, where you and your teenage son push your physical and mental limits, test survival skills, and bond like never before. That’s exactly what Altix Partner Ramesh Chandra and his son Advay experienced during their unforgettable journey at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.

We invite you to join Ramesh as he takes us through their incredible expedition, highlighting the challenges, lessons learned, and the special unforgettable bond forged between a father and his son.

Wilderness Unleashed – 75 Miles of Untamed Beauty at The Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont Scout Ranch, nestled in the breathtaking Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains, is a haven for Boy Scouts seeking high adventure. Covering over 140,000 acres, Philmont offers a rugged, real-world experience unlike any other camping trip.

Embarking on a 12-day wilderness backpacking hike through Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico is no ordinary adventure. It’s a test of physical and mental endurance, teamwork, survival skills, and respect for nature. For this father and son duo, this extraordinary journey became a rite of passage, a transformative experience that strengthened their bond and uncovered hidden strengths.

Gear Up for Success – Preparation is Key!

This uniquely challenging, yet rewarding journey requires meticulous preparation, including logistics, gear selection, and physical training. To embark on this epic journey, my son and I had to ensure we were physically fit and mentally prepared for the challenges ahead. We began preparing a year in advance, by researching lightweight, durable gear and undergoing rigorous training. To make sure I was adequately prepared, I even became certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED.

Hiking Gear Essentials

Choosing the right gear was crucial for a successful trek. We carefully selected lightweight, durable equipment that could withstand the demands of the rugged terrain. From trekking poles to water bladders, we questioned every item we carried, adopting a “less is more” mentality. Remember, every ounce counts when you’re carrying a 55-pound backpack!

Embracing Unforgettable Challenges Together

Throughout our adventure, my son and I discovered new depths to our relationship. While Boy Scout events are typically scout-led, this journey allowed us to interact as peers. We engaged in conversations about trekking essentials, shared joys, and laughed at mishaps along the way. The experience brought us closer than I could have ever imagined, fostering a bond that will last a lifetime.

Triumphs and Lessons found in Surprising Moments

As a father, I got to witness firsthand my son’s determination, fitness, and positive attitude in the face of adversity. Despite experiencing pain and exhaustion, he persevered, and demonstrated an inner strength I hadn’t fully seen before.  Witnessing my son rise to these challenges and mature throughout the expedition filled me with an overwhelming sense of pride and joy.

Lessons in Weakness and Strength – Embracing Vulnerability

This journey taught me that vulnerability can be a powerful teacher. When I injured my ankle and had to be evacuated, my son witnessed a different side of his father—one that was fragile and vulnerable. This experience helped him realize that everyone has weaknesses, including his dad, which was a valuable life lesson for both of us.

Life-Changing Takeaways:

Our 12-day trek at Philmont left us with lasting lessons, memories, and a profound appreciation for what truly matters. We learned to count our blessings, appreciate nature’s beauty, and embrace unplugged moments. The trek also provided a personal application of Lean principles, helping us both prioritize what’s essential and discard the non-essential.

I wholeheartedly recommend this transformative experience to all fathers and sons. It teaches valuable life skills, nurtures resilience, and provides an opportunity to unplug from the digital world. If you’re looking for quality time with your child, consider an overnight backpacking trek or camping adventure. Nature has a way of bringing us closer and creating unforgettable moments.

Continuing the Journey:

Embarking on the Philmont Scout Ranch trek with my son was a life-changing experience. We navigated challenges, discovered hidden strengths, and bonded in ways we never thought possible. This journey reminded us of the importance of gratitude, resilience, and the need to protect our natural world.

I am grateful to my son, my wife, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Philmont Ranch for making this adventure possible. May more fathers and sons embark on their own extraordinary journeys and create lifelong memories together.

What’s next you ask? The impact of this adventure was so significant that my son and I have decided to pursue more challenging treks in the future. We plan on exploring sections of the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Trail next, as our love for the great outdoors has grown, and we’re both committed to nurturing it.

About the Author: Ramesh is a senior consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience with multinational giants such as GE Aviation, Cummins and Carrier Corporation, designing and executing supply chain, logistics and product strategy for automotive, industrial, aerospace, transportation and retail industries across Asia, Europe, South America and the US. Six Sigma Black Belt certified, he holds an MBA in Supply Chain Management & Finance from Michigan State University, US, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.  

Ramesh is a bibliophile who loves experimenting with cooking and enjoys outdoor activities with his family.