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October 15th, Altix launched the Operations Leaders Circle of Excellence, a roundtable for Operations Leaders who want to strategically reflect in a peer group format, and extract themselves from their day-to-day, to gain broader perspectives and industry best practices. 

13 Operations Leaders from 11 companies have joined the 2021 – 2022 Operations Leaders Cohort on a 9 months – 9 factories journey, learning, sharing, benchmarking, on a variety of hot operations topics.

Special thanks:

  • to our hosts Lars Reich, Executive Vice President Feintool US Operations Inc. who presented on the topic of “Turning a Profit in a Complex World – Interactions between Sales and Operations” and Dan Todaro, Director of Manufacturing, Feintool Cincinnati Inc. who hosted the Factory tour for the kick-off of this nine-month fascinating journey.
  • to the participating companies who are investing in their Operations Leaders to enable them to continue to learn and grow in their roles
  • to the Operations Leaders for enthusiastically embarking in this exciting journey and already sharing great feedback:
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the topic, presenters, discussions, collogues,  and hospitality of Feintool.  Top notch! 
    • I enjoyed the tour. Feintool has a great operation. I was able to see many different processes and tools that I would like to incorporate into my own operation
    • I felt like a kid in the candy shop, there was so much innovated methods to take away from team boards to the paperless ERP, the facility was very clean and organized and the staff seemed to work like a Swiss Clock, their body motion seemed to be in sink on to another. It was a great pleasure to see such an operation

To learn more about the Operations Leaders Circle of Excellence, please contact