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Anne Cappel

Partner International Market Entry & Expansion

Anne is a senior consultant, marketing and business strategy executive, and founding board member of the European-American Chamber…

Liam Cassidy photo

Liam Cassidy

Partner Lean Management

Liam is a senior advisor and consultant with a 40+ year track record of turning around poorly performing operations, supply chains and suppliers…

Greg Fears

Greg Fears

Partner Environmental, Health & Safety

Greg is a senior consultant and highly experienced EHS & Compliance expert. During his 35+ year career in consumer product, healthcare…


Christian Leonhard

Partner Frankfurt/Germany

Christian is a senior strategic advisor and consultant, graduate mechanical engineer and senior management…


John Dobbs

Partner Strategic Marketing

John is a senior consultant and accomplished strategic marketing expert with a proven record of driving growth through integrated…


Patricia Rouchon-Wells

Partner Financial Planning & Analysis

Patricia is a senior consultant, advisor, and finance executive with a 25+ year successful career spanning…


Alain Haffner

Partner France

Alain is a senior finance executive and consultant with extensive experience in business administration…

Francis Jan picture

Francis Jan

Partner Management & Operations

Francis is a senior strategic advisor and consultant, with 30 years experience in diverse industries from…

Thorsten Schroeder Photo cropped

Thorsten Schroeder

Partner Corporate Development

Thorsten is a senior strategic advisor and senior consultant with more than 25 years’ experience working for multinational companies…


Daniel Wachter

Partner Commercial Strategy & Exellence

Daniel is a senior consultant, strategic entrepreneurial P&L growth driver and turnaround expert who builds cross cultural, functional…


Hong Zhou

Partner Asia – China

Dr. Hong Zhou is a senior strategic advisor and senior global executive, with more than 30 years’ experience developing and…

Ramesh Chandra Photo

Ramesh Chandra

Partner Supply Chain

Ramesh is a senior consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience with multinational giants such as GE Aviation, Cummins and Carrier Corporation…

Stephane Pichon - 400

Stéphane Pichon

Partner France

Stéphane is a senior strategic advisor and consultant, who brings 30 years’ experience developing and implementing winning growth strategies. Stéphane successfully directed sales…

Thomas Lichtenberger 400

Thomas Lichtenberger

Partner Executive Business Leadership

Thomas is a senior strategic advisor and senior management executive with more than 25 years’ experience and a leadership track record of generating sustainable sales growth and…

Jim Schreck square large

Jim Schreck

Partner Lean Management

Jim is a senior manufacturing manager with 35+ years of broad based leadership experience, and a track record of delivering site initiatives including organizational change, lean practices, and…

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Lucy Davila

Partner Supply Chain

Lucy is a senior consultant with 25+ years of leadership experience leading supply chain redesign, expansion and productivity projects for Procter & Gamble, Coty, and multiple SMEs…

400x400 Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Partner Engineering Management

Steve is a senior strategic advisor and consultant with 35 years of experience in technical business development, process improvement, and engineering management…

400x400 tony Conaco

Tony Canonaco

Partner Commercial Growth Strategy & Operational Excellence

Tony is a senior strategic advisor, operations, and growth strategy executive with more than 25 years of experience with international industrial technology manufacturing companies…

Dalibor 400x400

Dalibor Krivanek

Partner Eastern Europe

Accomplished senior advisor and consultant for Lean Principles & Practices with nearly 2 decades of successful implementation with a range of organizations including auto, electronic and pharma…


Xavier Ovize

Partner – Greater Detroit

Xavier is a seasoned global executive and senior strategic advisor and consultant, with 30 years of experience working in the industry in North and South America and Europe, who brings…